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We understand the value of your data, the importance of a fast turnaround time and keeping your data secure while it is at our facility.At SIA's Data Recovery lab, data loss is usually temporary and we prove it every day with the high hard drive recovery success rate.Our mission is to successfully recover your data.We protect data privacy with a secure data recovery process.No job is too big or too small for SIA  – we recover data from all consumer devices and perform specialized business data recovery services

Data Backup & Recovery

Security & Biometrics

Managed IT Services

Cloud Solutions

SIA will provide you with the most up-to- date network security tools. We will develop and implement a plan to protect the security and integrity of your business data.  In the event that malware does penetrate your network, we make it our main concern to isolate infected segments and systems, and repair the damage.

Also will provide a variety of biometric time attendnace  and acess control control solution, in additional to CCTV, DVR and remote monitoring solutions.

SIA is an infrastructure service provider that can provide in- depth assessments to ensure that our clients meet their business needs and to provide them with a roadmap to support their future objectives.A well-integrated infrastructure restructures your operations, increases productivity, and reduces downtime.

SIA provides our clients with the service of web development.

Our professionals can assist companies in refreshing and updating an existing website or developing a brand new one.We also provide our clients with web hosting.  Clients can select from an array of webhosting packages.Email can be added to any hosting package.


Home: Gate & Door Control – Environment Control – Household Control – AC – Full House Remote Control

Business: AC – Lighting – Power