Smart Information Appliances

Our Story

SIA started off as a small business with an electronics background and in the early 90’s when computers began to come into the market, the business began to develop by focusing on fixing IBM 286 and 386 computers; this then led to integration of IBM compatible 386 PC’s.  


The business continued on its course of growth and development and progressed from fixing and integrating computers to include selling computers and basic programming and these services grew and evolved to include a wider range of IT services.


In 1996, SIA opened its first repair and integration shop.  SIA continued to advance and gain expertise and knowledge in its area and in 1998 this small business registered as an Establishment.

In 2000 the business expanded to include sales of full computer products, computer training and a support department and In 2003 further growth led to the creation of a web solutions department.  In 2005 SIA operations also began to include surveillance and camera systems (CC TV systems).  


In 2008, SIA registered its trademark, SIA IT Solutions and the emphasis of the company had grown to include full IT solutions, with five focuses:

1.Data Recovery

2.System Integration and Support

3.Domain, Hosting and Web Solutions

4.Video Surveillance Solutions

5.Biometric Time and Attendance and Access Control Systems


In 2012 SIA establishment evolved to a small company called Smart Information Appliances – “SIA” Limited partnership.


Throughout the course of SIA’s history its main goal of providing professional and expert services and the latest information technology services and solutions has been constant.  Today SIA L.P hold over 15 years of proven expertise and specific knowledge about businesses and the IT industry.  SIA began as a small business providing basic IT services and solutions and has grown and evolved to include expertise in a vast number of areas ranging from logistics, human resources, manufacturing, customer relations management and business services.