Smart Information Appliances

Our Mission

Smart Information Appliances - “SIA” L.P. is about providing you with the Freedom to run your business as efficiently as possible with our expertise, help and advice as we understand your business challenges and our suite of market leading solutions help address these issues; the Peace of mind to know that your business and network will run as smoothly and securely as possible with the solutions provided for your specific needs, as well as, providing safety from viruses, natural disasters, hackers and any other IT issues; and Outstanding Value as cost effective expert solutions are provided to meet clients individual needs.


With the on-going technological advances and the changing times SIA L.P. has continued to grow and keep up to date within its field, while maintaining our ethical integrity, professionalism and our tradition of first-rate IT support, solution development and networking services.  


Our mission is to deliver the required products and services needed to support our clients’ organization and ensure their satisfaction.  Utilizing our vast expertise in information technology we provide comprehensive first class solutions to meet our clients’ needs.  We are committed to helping our clients design, test, deploy and manage IT solutions that transform into an efficient and productive business. We aim to provide our clients with essential IT services that effortlessly integrate into their business structure so that they never have to worry about them.


The primary key to succeeding in today’s competitive business environment is the creation of successful strategies that promote companies to the top positions and it is our purpose and commitment to help our clients reach this target quickly and efficiently, as well as improve their organizations status within its industry, without jeopardizing the integrity of the business or its security.